About the author

Lavita Stokes is Majority owner of LARS Properties, LLC and Vice President of Three Leaf Productions, Inc

Lavita is the visionary leader and critical decision maker for LARS Properties.  Relying on her 24 plus years of experience and judgement in Real Estate Management and as managing member she plans and directs all aspects of the organization’s policies, objectives, and initiatives to accomplish LARS Properties goals.  Her hand on approach is the driving force behind the growth and direction of the company.   Over the last 12 months LARS Properties, LLC has experienced 100% growth with all of their business offerings.

As Vice President of Three Leaf Productions, Lavita is responsible for all financial functions of the Accounting Department including record retention and control reports.   Within the last 10 years Three Leaf Productions has been listed by Business First as one central Ohio’s the top fifty fastest growing privately held companies.

Her academic career includes both Kent State University and Columbus State Community College (Formerly CTI) which have contributed to over 20 years of experience in the customer service field.  Lavita also served as a professional print model for several major companies in the Columbus, Ohio.  She is a certified professional trainer and had a ten year tenure with the Franklin County Children Services mentoring program.  She has received prestigious awards for her community services which includes the 2013 Ruby Award from Soroptimist International    N E Suburban Franklin County which recognized her efforts in working to improve lives of young girls.

She is an advocate for Personal and Professional Development of individual and families and actively worked with the Urban League to promote their Father to Father program.

She is also the accomplished author of “A Father’s Love” (www.afatherslovebook.com) and a respected speaker in the Columbus, Oh. area.  She was featured in the national magazine “Trendsetter to Trendsetters as well as other national syndicated radio shows.

Lavita travels throughout Columbus speaking to Youth Organizations including  High Schools about positive self-esteem, Goal setting, Perseverance , Leadership skills & Achieving Success in an ever changing world.

In her own words

What was my inspiration for the book?


Webster’s Dictionary defines the word Father as a male parent, one who cares for another as a father (i.e. surrogate) A person who invents or begins something. Having my own children and seeing my husband love nurture and guide their every step. Loving them from conception has been a source of inspiration for me for this book. I wanted to tell me story to the many children out there who like me longed to be loved by my father but him never being there for me. I constantly have heard young men saw how they were raised by a strong mother or grandmother.. You always hear athletes saying HI MOM… Or giving shout outs to them…. MY question has always been why not HI DAD??? WHY not give shout outs to DAD. Why because half of the time dad has not been around or is not in the picture. We will call everybody else our hero. Why not our fathers the very individual who’s blood pulsates through our veins. The dictionary says a father is a person who invents or begins something. We begin with the LOVE of our Fathers More and More in society we are seeing fatherless children be it from irresponsibility, neglect abuse or just plain abandonment. I was inspired to write my book because I want these children to know they are not alone. I want our Fathers to step up to the plate take responsibility for your children. Take time to step back and feel our pain and take accountability for your actions. For those who have been there the love we feel for you and the respect cannot be measured in words. You are indeed our heroes.

How will this book impact the community?


*According to recent statistics 70% of African American children are born out of wedlock* In an era were we have just witness the election of the first African American President in this countries history I am hoping all father’s of every race creed and nationality who have not been in there children’s lives, have not been that father they are capable of being, have not shown that child what it means to Have a Father’s Love and after wtnessing this monumental event this will have an impact on every father in every country, city and community. Father’s will adhere to The Presidents words take strong note and conviction from reading my book follow the does, and don’ts through the pages and become inspired about being a father and standing up for their children. It is indeed time for A CHANGE. I want my book to impact fathers to stand up and take their place in their children’s lives as their FATHER, LEADER, HERO.***IT’S TIME TO PUT THE *FATHER* BACK IN THE FAMILY.