A Father's Love

A story of reflection by Lavita Stokes


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In modern society there is often an acute awareness of the statistics revealed publicly, as it relates to absentee Fathers. While those statistics serve the purpose of educating one on the demographic data associated with absentee fathers, they don’t fully reveal the entire picture. Part of what is not measured is the distinct dynamics of social conditions. In every single parent home there are specific circumstances that have influenced the condition that leads to abandoned children. There are single parent homes that may have shared overlapping patterns, but make no mistake, each situation is unique. Beyond the statistics, there exists authentic, children, bearers of innocent eye’s and tender hearts. In the book, “A Father’s love” we find one such innocent soul simply longing to be loved. Many years after the eyes are no longer innocent there remains a longing to be wrapped up in a Father’s affectionate arms. Time does not diminish the need to be supported emotionally, spiritually, and provided with a reference point of identity for that child.


Meet a young woman who takes a period of time to reflect upon her own painfully raw childhood experience. While the reader may not have the ability to see visible pictures, the objective is to create word imagery by traveling through the halls of “past pain and baggage,” to better understand the human aspect that lies behind the statistic. Lavita is a mother who adores her children and pours her love and energy into creating a nurturing environment for each one of them. In fact, it is through her children that she learns that she has yet to move beyond her yearning for a Father who never fully acknowledged her. Despite the fact that God placed individuals in her life to act in a surrogate role, including a compassionate husband, she yet hurts. This is her story, it may also be your story, and from a broader perspective it is a tragic human story. But tragedy is only the first half because on the other side of pain exists the possibility of redemption. Beyond the statistics, beyond the cold facts, there is a lesson learned about the importance of Fatherhood, of taking responsibility. There is much to be learned about the dynamic and life changing power of, “A Father’s Love.”

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